About Saadiya

Saadiya Deane is a real estate consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in real estate sales, marketing and operations. A Georgia resident for more than 19 years, she brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the culture, lifestyle and market in Atlanta and its surrounding neighborhoods. She founded LiveBreatheAtlanta.com in 2020 to provide her clients with a comprehensive resource for all their relocation and real estate needs.

An entrepreneur, mother of three and deeply connected member of her community, Saadiya firmly believes in paying it forward. She regularly contributes at charitable events and does volunteer work to enhance and uplift her neighborhood. Saadiya’s clients often become friends, and she is always ready to share her insights and advice about the local area, market statistics, and even her favorite restaurants in the area.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Saadiya held executive marketing and sales roles at International Concepts LTD., a Georgia-based textile broker. She has a degree in Psychology and Economics, and recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Clinical Healthcare Informatics from Georgia State University. Her professional experience, passion for learning, and commitment to continually improving her skills have helped her build a reputation for efficiency, creativity, and reliability in her real estate career.

When she is not hanging out with her clients, Saadiya enjoys hiking with her dog, traveling the world soaking in different cultures, cuisine, and history, and making friends.

Core values


Saadiya’s personal brand is her integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, and professionalism. She believes that every client is exclusive and strives to achieve the best outcome for their unique needs.


She works to understand each client’s bottom-line goals for buying or selling, and diligently navigates them through the process from start to finish. As such, she personally handles all calls and showings, and oversees every transaction as if it were her own.


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Saadiya works closely with sellers and buyers in Atlanta and its surrounding neighborhoods as well as families who are relocating to the area. In addition to her affiliations with real estate agents throughout the state, she brings an extensive network of financial experts, consultants and contractors who can help facilitate and expedite every phase of the process.

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