For Buyers

For Buyers

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People sometimes ask me exactly what I do as a real estate agent. The short answer is, a lot! A top-quality realtor does much more than show a property. For buyers, they are an invaluable source of knowledge, a powerful ally at the negotiating table, and a steady guiding hand throughout the home buying process.

These are the core services I offer to my buyers.

Buyer Interview

To understand what you are looking for in a new property

Loan Pre-Approval

Connect you to lenders and agents to get you pre-approved for a mortgage

Property Showings

Schedule and oversee all showings and open houses

Appraisals and Inspections

Help select qualified inspectors/appraisers and attend inspections


Negotiate offers and any needed repairs/requests on behalf of the buyer


Draft and review all documents and contracts


Guide you through the closing process

Mortgage Calculator

Use our free mortgage calculator to help you estimate your monthly mortgage payments. You can define the home price, down payment, interest rate, and loan term to see how your monthly payment changes.

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